I am a forward-thinking web developer with a diverse skillset and superb attention to detail.
I love learning new things, enhancing people's lives using software, and creating things that stand out - both technically and visually.
I am m also a hobbyist game developer.

Work Experience

Anchor Training

2022 • Freelance Work
I created a polished website for my local gym. Goals were to have a strong, modern design that scales to both desktop and mobile, improve discoverability with better SEO, and optimize user experience to drive engagement and new memberships.

BOSS Capital Holdings

2021 → 2022 • Employed Part-Time
I was part of the small (3 members) IT team at BOSS Capital Holdings, we were in charge of all IT operations for BOSS and many of its child companies. We developed an efficient workflow that allowed us to output a lot of work for such a small team.

My Skills

(Similar to React)
Restful APIs
Firestore Database
Google Analytics
ES6 / 2015
Unreal Engine
Materials and VFX
Broad Range of Skills

My skills cover a broad spectrum of web development, from front-end work using plain HTML and libraries like React, over to the back-end with Flask.
I am also familliar with tools like Git, NPM and Swagger.
My skills also extend past web dev; I also do game development, video & image editing.

Outstanding People Skills

I always make sure that I am fostering a positive work environemt; I have a friendly and professional tone that is pleasant to be around.

I enjoy working in a team, I consider myself a great team player.

Projects & Achievements

For more info on some projects, see my portfolio at https://lucaschampagne.dev
Shopping List App
In Development • Personal project

I am creating an app to replace Google's shopping list, as I am not satisfied with it. The goal is to create something I will actually use in the future.

  • Uses Firebase as a backend
  • Uses Redux to manage state
  • Based on create-react-app
Order Ticketing App
Mini Project

I created a simple web app to track pending orders for a friend's market stand.

  • Uses Firebase's live database to update orders instantly
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Based on create-react-app
Dice Rolling App
Learning Project

I created a simple app that allows users to roll a configurable amount of dice, with the number of sides on each die also being configurable. The app will then present statistics about the roll such as the highest number and the sum.

  • Demonstrates passing props through components
  • Packed into a Progressive Web App
  • Based on create-react-app
Anchor Training Website
Freelance work at Anchor Training

I worked with the gym owner (reference at bottom) to develop the next version of the gym's website. I gathered the business requirements, created prototypes, and iterated on the site in an agile-like way. The website has recieved praise from gym members and staff alike.

  • Uses Firebase as a backend
  • Created a strong brand identity
  • Automated builds & deploys with GitHub Actions
  • Article system based on Markdown
  • Optimized SEO, and includes Open Graph tags
  • Super-fast performance
  • Responsive design, works on phones to big screens
  • Visit the site at https://anchortraining.com.au
My Portfolio & Resume
Personal Project

The page you are reading right now was created in Svelte! Visit https://lucaschampagne.dev to see the live site.

  • Uses Firebase as a backend
  • Homepage has a responsive design
  • Resume page works well when printed
  • Features an original design by me
Flask (Python)
BOSSCAP Portal (Back-end)
Work at BOSS Capital Holdings

I pioneered the creation of the company's new portal website, used by both employees and clients. I was the lead developer on the project.

  • Highly modular, architected by me
  • Feature rich yet simple to maintain due to modular design
  • Implements a RESTful API
  • Backed by an SQLite Database
  • I wrote a declarative style wrapper around SQLite for ease of development. Handles most common SQL queries.
  • Robust and secure permissions system
  • Integrated with Facebook login
  • Integrated with the rest of the company's systems and services
  • Integrated with company's Hubspot
Vanilla Stack
BOSSCAP Portal (Front-end)
Work at BOSS Capital Holdings

I was also the lead developer of the front-end of Portal.

  • Uses SSR, with Jinja as a templating language
  • Uses JQuery
  • Features some pages that act like a SPA (refresh data without a page reload)
  • Communicates with backend via Ajax
Unreal Engine
Dungeons of Wrath and Mana
Personal Project • Video Game

My entry to the 2018 Australian STEM Games Competition. View more info on my website.

Contributed to official source code
Personal Project

I contributed a feature to Unreal Engine via Pull Request on GitHub, which got accepted.


Tim Warner
Founder & Owner of Anchor Training
0434 481 720
Belen Lopez Denis
Senior Product and Transformation Leader at Westpac
0413 883 901
Additional references available on request.
All references are on LinkedIn.