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Dungeons of Wrath and Mana

Personal Project • 2018
Unreal Engine Blueprint Scripting Pixel Art Game Design

Dungeons of Wrath and Mana (or DOWAM) is the first big project that I completed. I made it in grade 12 of high school with two friends, and entered it into the Australian STEM Games Competition, a national game development competition.

DOWAM made it to the finals, with the judges saying it was one of the most feature complete, polished, stable games of the challenge. You can read the judge feedback using the button under the video!


Personal Project • Released on Steam • 2022
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Unity Pixel Art Shaders Level Design

GrappleWell is a rage platformer (like Getting Over It) I created in Unity with a friend of mine. My main job was artist, I created all sprites used in the game & on Steam (promo material and achievements). I also wrote all shaders, made the UI, did some level design, and assisted with programming.

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I recorded and edited a trailer for the game's store page.


Major Uni Project • 2022
Unity Shaders Scripting • C# 3D Modelling

Capstone is the final major project at QUT, it spans one year and sees students working with real industry partners. My team worked with our industry partner to create an educational video game.

My role in the project was quite diverse; I worked on shaders, 3D modelling, and some programming. I made shaders for the water, waterfall, ocean floor (the caustics), clouds, skybox, UFO lights, and coins. I 3D modelled the ground, bridge, and cars. I wrote the initial basic movement code for the player.

Additionally, I was the team leader of the project, in charge of communicating with our industry partner.

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Demo Video

I created a video showcasing most of the important features our project had. I produced the entire video, except for reading the script that I wrote.

I also created cinematic shots of the level. I programmed my own cinematic camera movement system and used it to compose all of the shots.
This footage proved to be very useful, you can find it in various places including the demo video and the short video on the title of the project on this website.

The background at the start of the video is an animated shader I wrote in Unity.

Anchor Training Website

Freelance Work • 2022
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Svelte UX Design & Branding Front End Development

I created a polished website for my local gym. Goals were to have a strong, modern design that scales to both desktop and mobile, improve discoverability with better SEO, and optimize user experience to drive engagement and new memberships.

Give the website a visit and see just how fast the website is for yourself! Both desktop and mobile views are supported.

Magnet Board

GMTK Game Jam Entry • 2022
Godot Scripting • GDScript Game Design

This is my entry to the GMTK Game Jam 2022. It's also my first time participating in a jam! I could only use 6 of the 48 hours given as I was busy, but I think I made great use of that time. I'm very happy with the feedback I received for it!

You can see the feedback on the submission page and play the game in browser on Use the links above!

Gravity Marble Game

Experimental Game • 2021
Unreal Engine Scripting • Blueprints VFX Game Design

An experimental game that adds Super Mario Galaxy style gravity to the rolling marble platformer genre. The foliage is not mine, a friend added them in. I programmed the whole game and designed about half of the levels. I also added online multiplayer to a basic but functional level.

This experiment is complete, I am no longer working on it. I consider it a success, the gravity defying mechanics are very fun to play with, the controls feel solid, and we achieved an epic sense of scale by making all levels visible in the sky, taken straight from Super Mario Galaxy. I may return to this idea in the future.

VR Magic Experiment

Experimental Demo • 2022
Unreal Engine Scripting • Blueprints

Upon getting my VR headset, I decided to try to create something unique using the motion controllers. I made a gesture based magic system where the type of spell cast depends on the way you move your hands. No buttons are needed, other than to initially summon the spell.

The particle effects are from Gideon (Paragon), and the arm movements you perform are based on Gideon's in-game animations.

I also rigged the Unreal mannequin to the player's arms, using inverse kinematics to position the elbow.

Dynamic Tilemap

Tech Demo • 2020
Unreal Engine Programming • C++

My own tilemap system for Unreal Engine, that is suitable for creating a game like Terraria. It supports huge worlds (ran a 20km map at 1200fps) and has dynamic lighting using a flood-fill algorithm just like Terraira. Lighting is calculated on a separate thread so there is no performance impact.

It also supports connected textures, so blocks can have nice edges.